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How Marketing and Sales Leads Should Be Used in a Company

Companies that think ahead have already overcome the internal strife between sales and marketing. This idea where “marketing” asserts that “sales”is not following up the leads that they are bringing in and is therefore wasting their efforts, while “sales” who tries to follow the strategy that has been put up by “marketing” will claim that “marketing” is providing too many leads that just do not hold a real buyer, since “marketing” is placing a very wide area of coverage. The progress of the company is hampered as a result of this. Because of this situation that worst thing that can happen when this remains unresolved is that the real leads are not recognized and eventually fall into the crack.

To help remedy the situation, there is a need to bridge this breach between sales leads and marketing leads, and this is very important. It is quite tough to adopt this type of solution to the old platform where the company is supreme because there are only a few products and services that are in competition with each other, compared to the present day paradigm shift where the consumer is the master since there are numerous choices and solutions fighting their way to provide for the consumer’s particular need. In this old platform, the marketing department seeks new sources of leads and crafts messages so that people will be interested in the company’s particular product or services from many sources are possible while their sales department looks for ways to advertise the features that the company’s products bring and to enforce what the marketing people have initiated. This is tantamount to bearing different strategies- marketing is more of an “experimental” frame of mind, while sales is constantly hunting for more features to close the sales. They cannot coordinate these two functions.

Today the marketing team use a platform that appeals to potential customers where they create an indirect benefit so that they can draw only those who are potential buyers of your company’s particular product or service, and this is how they acquire leads that come from various sources or activities. The acquisition of marketing leads is then brought to the lead management team who now gets the specifics of each potential customer and uses these inputs to subject them to multiple sales stages until they reach a point when the consumer finally makes a purchase. And it is in this kind of context that you will find the cooperation of the sales and marketing teams working together as one. You can get your sales and marketing teams work in one accord if you use a leading-edge customer relation management solution.

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