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The Process of Business Plan

The business plan process is simply the steps you go through and actions you take when producing a business plan. In effect, it describes how you produce your business plan. While most people focus on the ‘final output’, i.e. the business plan itself, the business planningprocess is extremely important for entrepreneurs. The process of producing […]

Tips for Writing a Business Plan

What is a Business Plan? A business plan is not just a document. It is a holistic analysis of your company, the environment it operates in, and a route map to achieving success based on the resources available. Unfortunately, the image most of us have is of a 30-page bound document. While the business-planning process […]

How to established your businesses plan

Business Planning is synonymous with start-up’s, however its use is more prevalent amongst established companies than is typically understood. Planning is about looking to the future and making decisions today based on your assessments of likely future events. It is also about trying to minimise risks by using information available today to help you make […]